Meeting #847, Jan 22nd, 2019

Meeting theme: Determinism
Best Table Topics: Mohammed
Best Table Topics Evaluator: Sifa
Best Evaluator: Mounina
Best Speech: Daniel
1st time speaker: Ithar
McGill Toastermasters club welcomed two new motivated members!

Special meeting: Table Topics Contest (Jan 15, 2019)

McGill Toastmasters club had a very successful special meeting of Table topics contest with a full room of members and guests on Jan 15, 2019. Both members and guests actively participated the contest.

Completion of CC manual: Cheryl Williams
ACB: Daniel Davis

Table topicks competition:
First place: Daniel Davis
Second place Forest
Third place Alain Guillot.
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Speaking opportunities, Winter 2019

Fellow Toastmasters

Are you looking for more speaking opportunities?
Every year, we get an invitation from the continuing education department to present one speech and one evaluation in front of a classroom.
Your audience are students who are learning English as a second language. These are students who are about to finish their program and are looking for more opportunities to continue practicing their English.
Many of the members of our club are English students who saw someone giving a speech in their classroom.
By giving a speech in one of these classrooms, you get points in your pathway program, you get to speak in front of a different audience and you get to give back to the community.
Here is the schedule of the spots available. For each spot, we need a speaker and an evaluator.
To volunteer, please contact Alain at
There are 6 sections of this advanced oral communication course. Here are the teachers and a list of preferred dates.

Patricia Jan. 30 6:15pm Room #1145
Sarah Feb. 9 10am Room #1091
Devaki Feb. 11 6:15pm Room #1261
Michael Feb. 12 8:30pm Room #1261
Rick Feb. 21 6:45pm Room #1091
David Mar. 2 1:35pm Room #1091

The 1st Meeting in 2019

The 1st meeting after the new year (Jan 8th, 2019) in McGill Toastmasters Club was a great success! It was an icebreaker challenge meeting with the theme of Transition. Four new members introduced themselves to the club by delivering very informative and inspiring speeches!

Best Table Topics: Dora
Best Table Topics Evaluator: Willem
Best Evaluator: George
Best Speech: Johnny
4 First Timers
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2018 Christmas Party

On December 18th, 2018, McGill Toastmasters & guests celebrated another year of good friends & good cheer! Everyone enjoyed great food, performances, games, moment of reflection, toast, and more. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful night!
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Free: Live Interview with public speaking expert Suzannah Baum

Free event: Live interview with Suzannah Baum and Alain Guillot

Suzannah is a Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Specialist, Executive Speech Coach and professional speaker.

Suzannah will share with us how she started her journey as a public speaker at McGill Toastmasters, how she built her career as a coach and keynote speaker, and how we can become better public speakers.

20-minute live-interview, followed by a 10-minute Q & A session.

Where: Mcgill Toastmasters 688 SHERBROOKE St W Rm 1559, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3R1

When: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 8 PM – 8:30 PM

Meeting 841

Meeting Theme Gratitude
Word of the Day indebted

The winners:
Best Table topics evaluator Azfan

Best Table Topics Samantha

Best Evaluator John

Best Speaker Marna

Certificate for completing level 1 Pathways: Nadia, Mounina, and Marna