Theme: Language (April 16, 2019)

Meeting Number 859
The theme of the meeting: Language
Word of the day: Fastidious
Best speaker: Yraida
Best evaluator: Sifa
Icebreaker award: Wei
Best table topics speaker: Azfan
Best table topics evaluator: Ivan

Live Interview With Entrepreneur, Headhunter, Marina Byezhanova

From time to time, McGill Toastmasters invites local authors, artist, speakers, and entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the club.

In this occasion, Marina Byezahova, Headhunter, Entrepreneur, founder of employment agency Pronexia, visited us and shared her entrepreneurship journey, she shared some tips about personal branding, informed us about discrimination in the workplace, and told us how to leverage LinkedIn to find the job you want.

The interview was hosted by veteran member, Alain Guillot.

You can connect with Marina via her LinkedIn account.

Area contest 2019

After last week’s club contest, McGill Toastmasters club hosted the area contest Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2019. All winners from different clubs come together and competed in the area speech and evaluation contests. Winners of the area contest will go on to the next level competition! Good luck to all winners!
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English Speech contest target speaker: Jeff
French Speech contest target speaker: Sonia
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Contestants of English Speech and Evaluation contests
French Evaluation contest winners
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