Toastmasters meeting #832 Tuesday 25th September 2018

Meeting theme: “Introversion and Extroversion!”
We had 3 speeches by Dasha, Maryam and Azfan.
Best prepared speech speaker: Dasha

Best table topics speakers: Johnny and Cheryl

Best prepared speech evaluator: Angela

Best table topics evaluator: Stephanie

Live interview: Alain Guillot and special guest Julian Haber

Live interview at McGill Toastmasters
Alain Guillot and special guest Julian Haber

Author of the book: Gigonomics:
A Field Guide for Freelancers in the Gig Economy

Have you ever considered working in the gig economy? Have you ever considered:
Airbnb, Uber, photography, writing, cleaning houses,
Dog walking, repairing phones, graphic design,
Translating, bookkeeping, podcasting, blogging,
Teaching dance, and much more…
In this interview, we discuss the psychological and technical aspects of the gig economy.


Tuesday 14th August, meeting #826

The theme for the meeting was “role models” and the word of the day was “Epitome”.
We had 3 speeches by Stephanie, Mohammad and Nadia.
Best speaker: Stephanie
Best evaluator: Cheryl
Best table topics speaker: Parisa
Best table topics evaluator: George
Congratulations to all!

Meeting #825 Aug 7, 2018

As we are getting ready for tomorrow’s meeting, let’s recap our last week meeting.
Meeting #825 Aug 7, 2018:
The theme of the day was photography. We had three great speeches by Mounina, Daniel and Marna.
– Best speaker award went to Marna
– Best evaluator award went to Heidi
– Best table topic speech award went to Farzaneh & Azfan
– Best table topic evaluator award went to John.

Congrats to all. We hope to see you tomorrow for another McGill toastmaster meeting!

Meeting #824 Tuesday July 31st, 201

It’s entertaining and some times gruesome to think about possible outcomes of the future. It was interesting to see discussions on different views of the future as the theme of the meeting was “futurology “. We were lifted up by the more optimistic visions and a bit frightened by the least optimistic views. But nonetheless it was an engaging and energetic meeting.
We had 3 great talks by Alex, Clifford and Yraida.

– The best speaker award went to Alex for his ice breaker speech “What is my purpose ?”
– The best evaluator award went to Samantha
– The best table topic award went to Ivan
– The best table topic evaluator award went to Sifa

Don’t miss our next meeting on Aug 7th. The theme of the meeting will be “photography”. There is a photographer in each and every one of us. Maybe you will discover your inner photographer next Tuesday